State Building - GPPA Architects Continued Education Seminar

State Building - GPPA Architects Continued Education Seminar


GPPA has provided accessibility and universal design training programs to thousands of trainees within the construction industry. GPPA has provide hundreds of certificates through various professional organizations and building departments. GPPA conducts seminars for Architects to comply with the Architects Board license renewal requirements.

GPPA also has provided CASp trainings to hundreds of trainees throughout California. The development of the California state-wide training program gave GPPA the opportunity to work with DSA staff to develop many graphics and illustrations to facilitate the understanding of the complex set of federal and state accessibility codes and regulations.

GPPA provides customized Accessibility training programs for Building Departments Plan Reviewers and Inspectors, including ADA Title II and III Accessibility requirements, Policies Practices and Procedures for physical and programmatic access, federal and state code updates. GPPA trainings include field trips where participants have the opportunity to experience the issues that persons who use wheelchairs or crutches and low vision or blind pedestrians experience in the built environment.

This resulted in an increased in dept knowledge that uniquely qualifies our firm to provide accessibility training programs. Gilda Puente-Peters also has provided several seminars and lectures internationally in Europe and South America, sharing the US experience and the prescriptive requirements for indoor and outdoor accessibility and universal design.

  • CASp Trainings
  • ADA / Accessibility Continuing Education - Architect’s Mandatory License Renewal Trainings
  • Accessibility Policy Trainings
  • Maintenance of Accessible Features
  • Post Occupancy Client Trainings
  • Customized Training Programs for Particular Audiences and Topics
  • International and Statewide Accessibility and Universal Design Seminars