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State of California



Gilda Puente-Peters Architects (GPPA) has prepared and conducted multiple customized Accessibility and Universal Design Trainings, Seminars and Round Tables, nationally and internationally. Ms. Puente-Peters brings to her trainings 30years of specialized experience in access compliance, sharing with the trainees her in-depth knowledge and practical application of State and Federal codes and regulations into the wide variety of projects undertaken.

Gilda Puente-Peters is a Certified Access Specialist, CASp-24. In addition, Ms. Puente-Peters served as a Subject Matter Expert on the Certified Access Specialist Program committee for the Division of the State Architect, to advice in the development of the California Certified Access Specialist certification program.

GPPA has worked under contract with the California Division of the State Architect and Office of Universal Design providing accessibility compliance plan review, developing a State-Wide Access Plan Review Training System and provided trainings throughout the State.

Many trainees highly recommend GPPA’s Training Programs and have thanked GPPA for helping them prepare to pass the CASp Exam!


“Having experienced multiple similar trainings over many years, I can honestly state that your training is the best I have ever attended. Your practical insight from years of solving real world challenges is apparent in the well thought answers you gave to complex questions asked by experienced practitioners. Your big picture view of the necessary teamwork between code officials, property owners and contractors to achieve accessibility goals was also exemplary.

As a result, I can recommend without hesitation that any person desiring high level practical knowledge of accessibility requirements should attend your training”.

Timothy P. McCormick, ICC Certified
Building Official (retired), CASp 420
CA Licensed Civil Engineer & General Contractor

I consider Gilda and company’s training virtually unsurpassed in terms of content, presentation and relevance. It is my opinion the CASp class played a major role in my passing the examination on the first attempt.

The training I attended earlier this year included extensive “hands-on” field experience in addition to the regular classroom instruction. During this field training attendees were given the opportunity to operate a wheelchair as well as navigate blindfolded with a cane in various indoor/outdoor environments. These types of exercises brought home the concept of accessibility in a manner that pure classroom instruction could not replicate. In both the classroom and field portions of the training, Gilda and company were patient, attentive and thorough, regardless of the student’s personal level of accessibility knowledge.

I would unequivocally recommend Gilda Puente-Peters Architects for training or consulting in the field of Disabled Access, both for Title 24 (California) and ADA.

Dan Martin, Building Official - CASp ADA Coordinator - City of Mill Valley, CA


I am happy to let you know that I received a notification from DSA office that I passed the CASp exam that I took in June 2011.

I signed up for your 3-day CASp preparation seminar and found that the training was very helpful it provided guidance and helped me focused on what I needed to study.

Your have great knowledge in accessibility and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for
sharing your knowledge by doing the seminar.

I will recommend to anyone who is thinking of taking the CASp exam to go to your seminar.

Lily Hallett, CASp #363